An independent agency focused on Digital Marketing & Project Production for Creative Businesses, Event Curators, Visual Artists and Audio Creators

Creating for Creators, Marketing for Micro-influencers

Everybody understands the value of Content but the challenge is to connect a Campaign of Content without feeling like an endless ad. Content comes full circle when it begins on a screen and ends in a Product or Physical Activation that creates a Memory.

Founded in Philadelphia in 2016, we’ve created for Startups and Creative Service Providers. By keeping one hand on Social Strategy and the other on Digital Content, our mission is to make moments with the Creators & Micro-influencers making statements within their Art form. You’ll do the rest.


Frank Santos

Frank Santos

Brand Consultant + Motion Graphic Designer

A Storyteller through Design with a passion for bringing people together through the arts & music.

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Adriana Imhof

Adriana Imhof

Photographer + Social Strategist

A visual curator with a passion for portraiture and content creation.

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Time to Create a Moment.